Iyoga Project | New Students
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New Students


The new Covid safety plan, as required by NSW Health, states all staff and students must be FULLY VACCINATED.

To maintaining a 1 person per 4 metre sq rule, class sizes have been capped to a maximum 10 students to ensure compliance with the social distancing directive.
Classes MUST be booked online, no drop-ins are permitted at this time.

On scheduling your class you will agree to the following:

– Check in with the QR code before entering the upstairs studio
– Wear a mask when entering the building, collecting props or using the amenities. ONLY remove your mask once you are on your mat and ready to practice.
– Proof of vaccination must be shown.
– Please do not come to class if you are unwell or identified as a close contact.
– Observe social distancing rules of 1 person per 4 sqm.
– Wash or sanitize your hands


Wear shorts or footless tights. Clothes that allow for ease in movement but are not baggy are ideal. It is particularly important that the teacher can see the alignment of the knees, ankles, elbows and spine.

Come to class with an empty stomach.

The studio opens ten minutes before class begins.

Students arriving ten minutes after a class begins cannot be admitted.

Please let your teacher know if you have any injuries or special conditions before the class. Women who are on their menstrual cycle should also inform the teacher before class, so that the sequence can be modified for safe practice.

If you are taking medication it must be reported to the teacher prior to practice.

Which class is right for me?

Level 1 (Beginners)

The basis of the Iyengar Yoga method is taught in standing poses, shoulder stand, and other fundamental postures. We recommend that students unfamiliar with Iyengar Yoga take this class before continuing to the higher levels.

Level 2

A class for students who are well practiced in Level 1 postures, including Salamba Sarvangasana (shoulder stand). Basic postures are refined and Sirsasana (headstand), full arm balance, backbends, and Pranayama are introduced.

Level 3

For students with substantial Iyengar Yoga training who are strong in standing postures, able to do Sirsasana with confidence for five minutes and can push up into Urdhva Dhanurasana. Sirsasana variations, intermediate postures, and seated Pranayama are taught. Independent practice should be well established.

Level 4

For students with substantial Iyengar Yoga training who can hold Sirsasana for ten minutes, balance in Sirsasana 2 and practice independently. Advanced work in Asana and Pranayama is taught.

Individual Instruction

Private tuition is an excellent option for those who wish to [earn yoga but are restricted by their schedules or physical considerations. It is also beneficial to those who attend regular classes, but wish to spend intensive time looking at a particular issue, limitation or pose. Available by appointment.