Iyoga Project | Saturday Workshops
Iyoga Project Saturday workshops with Tamar Kelly.
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Saturday Workshops


Yoga To Go Studio: 106 – 108 Crystal Street, Petersham

Cost $40 per workshop
Time 3 pm – 5:30 pm

Saturday series workshops are suitable for Yoga practitioners Level 3 and up with a consistent personal practice that includes Inversions. Bookings are essential. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER


Fbruary 10 – Arm Balances

When we learn to balance on our own two feet we feel empowered, able to hold our own weight in space. Where to go from there? Learn, systematically, how to balance on your own two hands!

March 3 – Traction Action

The term “traction action” was penned by B.K.S. Iyengar to refer to the extensions we achieve in various poses, with the aid of props (ropes, straps, chairs) to create space in the joints and lengthen the spinal column. This sense of “space” in the body has a corresponding effect on the nervous system, giving a feeling of relief and release.

April 7 – The Space Between

While the individual poses are taken with respect for alignment and form, what happens in the “space between”? We will explore how stabilising the core brings symmetry and ease to the transitions between the poses. This is when we can best feel the practice as meditation in action.

June 9 – Wisdom and Strength

In this workshop we will explore poses dedicated to the Sages. Many of these poses promote strength and  reflection.- Being familiar with the stories and traditions behind the poses can help us capture the “essence” of the pose and poetry of the practice.

July 7 – Tapas – Fire and Freedom within the Twist

Derived from the Sanskrit root, “Tap” , tapas refers to the burning away of impurities. In the asana practice we focus on the poses that are heating, activating and “rinsing”. The image of a towel being rung out is  helpful when employing the twisting poses. If the towel is hard and dry he wringing is not possible. The same is true when working with the body. We will explore how to keep the organic body supple in the twists to promote tone rather than hardness and observe the corresponding psychological effects.

August 4 – Explore the Core – Integrating and Sustaining

How to stabilise without hardening? How to “hold” in order to cultivate stamina rather than tension? Chronic hardening or tensing of the abdomen can be harmful both physically and psychologically. In this workshop we will develop our core awareness through a variety of poses, exploring the balance between abdominal strength and suppleness.

September 8 – Delve Deep

The deep forward extensions and twists require careful set up to ensure the muscles of the back body are stable as well as subtle. We will take time to explore the workings of the surrounding areas – legs, hips, thoracic – to ensure we promote space even as we become compact.

October 6 – Pelvic Strength and Freedom

Mobility and stability for sustainability are hallmarks of an Iyengar Yoga practice. Healthy alignment at the centre of our body from the waist to the pelvic floor, striking a balance between firmness of the muscular body and suppleness of the organic body is key for overall wellbeing and freedom of movement. There are also important psychological benefits to balancing this area. Strength and flexibility work from the outside in and the inside out.

November 3 – Shoulder Strength and Freedom

One of the most common sight of strain and weakness is at the shoulder joint and directly around the shoulder girdle. A fine balance needs to be struck between strength and flexibility. This workshop will focus on Understanding, Activating, Holding and Releasing this area.